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About Sonja

My name is Sonja ORIGER, I am 34 years old, born and raised in Luxembourg. I lived most of my life in Luxembourg, except for my studies abroad. I studied Osteopathy in Wiesbaden/Germany for 5 years for a 1st Master's degree, completed by 2nd Master's degree in Vienna/Austria for 2 years.

I am also a post graduate, specialised in Women’s Health Osteopathy from the Molinari Institut of Health in Vienna.

In 2012, I started working as a full time Osteopath in Cabinet d’ Ostéopathie "Jo Buekens" in Garnich/Luxembourg for 9 years. In october 2021, I started my own practice in Bertrange.

Why Osteopathy?

I've always had a passion for horses and equestrian sports.

Impressed at the age of 15 by an osteopath who treated a sick horse, this experience opened for the first time the door to osteopathy for me.

I was always interested by the holistic medicine, that is a form of healing considering the whole person -- body, mind, spirit, and emotions.Osteopathy takes a global approach to the body and relates  the different parts of the body.

Why specialise in Gynecology?

The field of gynecology is particularly close to my heart because it is an area that is little talked about and a woman's problems are declared normal and seem insoluble. The gynecologist applies the rules of modern medicine without considering the body as a whole. It is noticeable again and again that this area is excluded in the globality of the body. Women with gynecological problems often suffer in silence for years.

For example, menstrual pain is almost always declared to be normal, although pain in the human body is not normal, but rather is due to an existing dysfunction. If you look at the body from an osteopathic point of view, menstrual pain can occur as a result of pelvic dysfunction.

Women with fertility problems and the resulting unfulfilled desire to have children are also often left alone. In conventional medicine, women are discharged with no diagnosis. From an osteopathic point of view, this would be a symptom that results from a problem such as pelvic stasis.

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