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About Anouk

My name is Anouk Bourdeau, I am french 22 year old who also speaks english.


After five diligent years of study in Strasbourg at COS Europe, I was bestowed the esteemed title of an exclusive osteopath (D.O.), registered at Level 7 of the french National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP).

These dedicated years have granted me a profound mastery of osteopathy.


I had the privilege to serve in the internal clinic during my fifth year, as well as in renowned establishments of Strasbourg, notably in obstetrics-gynecology and in convalescent and rehabilitation care.


These varied experiences have provided me with the opportunity to assist a diverse range of patients, amounting to over 300 consultations.

Having been a high-level athlete, I gaze upon every body I encounter with reverence and attentiveness.


My journey into osteopathy stems from a deep-seated desire: to aid, to enhance well-being.


My research, crystallized in my thesis on severely burned patients, aims to uplift their quality of life.

To me, osteopathy is a gentle melody that harmonizes the body. It offers a tender manual approach, centered on a holistic view of the human being.


As an osteopath, I employ meticulous manipulations and myofascial release techniques, to bestow balance and solace. Be it infants, athletes, expectant mothers, or the elderly, osteopathy is a gentle haven for all.

My journey does not end here. I foresee deepening my knowledge, particularly in the realms of sports and obstetrics.


"Osteopathy is a science, an art, and a philosophy." A.T. Still 

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